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Business consulting

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Who we are?

We are a Polish company that provides its client with professional advisory, training and business consulting services which are dedicated to medium and large companies that operate on the Polish market. Our mission is to support owners in developing and increasing the market value of managed businesses by building healthy companies with high efficiency and competitiveness. Our knowledge and practical expertise has focused on the areas of management, strategy, organizational integration, communication, development of managerial staff competences, building effective teams, succession and change management.

The Navigator Business Consulting team consists of experienced professionals and business practitioners who have gained experience in managing Polish and foreign companies for many years and developing competences in effective organization and management. Thanks to this, we combine deep and comprehensive knowledge with practical Polish and international management expertise, in-depth understanding of the realities in which the the Polish economy transforms, as well as business consulting skills and our competences in the field of business, communication and leadership.

What do customers gain?

By delivering practical advisory projects, sharing our knowledge and experience, training, working with teams and individuals, we enable our clients: entrepreneurs, management boards, management and management staff to build effectively functioning organizations. Consequently, they can achieve professional and personal goals as well as increase the value of their companies. By working with us, clients build healthy organizations, develop employee competencies, and become co-authors of the best solutions for their organizations, while respecting life priorities and personal goals.

Using our extensive and practical management and business experience, our clients can focus on achieving measurable results for their companies, gaining a thorough understanding of how to make the most of their organization’s human potential as well as understand individual needs, expectations and motivations of owners, management and managerial staff and lower-level employees – in order to achieve the company’s common goals.

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Jakub Vogtt

President of the Management Board at Navigator Business Consulting Sp. z o. o

Grzegorz Sencio

Business advisor, Partner at Navigator Business Consulting Sp. z o. o

Jacek Szwarc

Business advisor, Partner at Navigator Business Consulting Sp. z o. o

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