The Navigator Brokerage House together with Navigator Capital offers services that comprehensively cover the process of issuing shares.. We carry out both pre-IPO (private placement), IPO (initial public offerings) and SPO (secondary public offerings) transactions – WSE / NewConnect.

Services related to the preparation and handling of share issues :

  • advice on preparing the company for issuance (including structuring capital connections, preparing financial projections, valuation of the company),
  • advice on adapting the company to the applicable corporate governance principles,
  • defining the detailed structure and terms of the offer,
  • preparation of an offer document for potential investors (issue prospectus / investment memorandum) and a presentation for the potential investors,
  • preparation of rules for the issue/sale of shares and identification of groups of potential investors,
  • building a sales consortium,
  • preparation of an analytical report,
  • organizing and conducting pre-marketing of the offer,
  • organizing and conducting road shows and book building,
  • acceptance of subscriptions, settlement of the offer and allocation of shares,
  • proceedings before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the National Depository for Securities and the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • advising on the fulfillment of disclosure obligations by public companies.

Navigator Capital, as an Authorized Advisor on the NewConnect market, offers the following services:

  • preparing the company to operate on the NewConnect market (including training on disclosure requirements),
  • preparation of an information document for the purposes of introducing shares to trading on the NewConnect market,
  • representing the company before the WSE and the National Depository for Securities,
  • submitting the required declarations for the purposes of introducing shares to trading on the NewConnect market,
  • cooperation with the company in the scope of fulfilling the company’s information obligations and functioning on the NewConnect market,
  • advice on transferring share quotations from NewConnect to the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Having verified the activities of Authorized Advisors in the Alternative Trading System in 2016-2021, the WSE each time qualified Navigator Capital SA to the best group of Authorized Advisors , i.e. to the group that received the most points.

street Twarda 18
00-105 Warsaw
tel.: +48 22 630 83 33


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