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We are Polish-owned company which provides professional consulting and training services dedicated to medium and large companies in Poland.

Our mission is to support business owners in development and increasing market value of their businesses, through  building healthy companies with high efficiency and competitiveness. Our knowledge and practice skills focus on areas of  management, strategy, integration of organization,  communication, development of management team competences, effective team building, succession and change management.

Navigator Business Consulting team consist of experienced professionals and business practitioners, who have gained their experience through  many years of running polish and foreign companies and developing competences in effective organization and management. Therefore we are combining profound, comprehensive knowledge as well as Polish and international experience in the areas of management, understanding of the reality of the Polish economy transformation and competences in the field of running a business, communication and leadership.

Through practical consulting, knowledge transfer and experience sharing, trainings, teamwork and individual work we enable our clients – entrepreneurs, boards of directors and management team- to build effectively functioning organizations. With this they can reach their professional and personal goals and increase the value of their businesses. Thanks to work with our clients are building healthy organizations, developing  employees competencies, becoming co-authors of the best solutions  for their organizations simultaneously with respect to priorities in life and personal goals.



Through practical advice, knowledge and experience sharing, trainings, working with teams and individual work we enable our clients: entrepreneurs, management boards and management staff to build effectively functioning organizations. That enables them to achieve professional and personal goals and increase the value of their business. Working with us, customers build healthy organizations, develop staff competencies, becoming the co-authors of the best solutions for their organizations with respect to the priorities of their personal life and goals.

Thanks to our extensive and practical management and business experience, our customers can focus on achieving measurable results for their companies, with deep understanding of how to capitalize on the human potential of their organization and can understand individual needs, expectations and factors which motivate individuals: owners, senior management and management and employees – in order to achieve common objectives.



Scope of main services:

  • Business strategy development and implementation
  • Corporate governance strategy
  • Market and strategic analysis
  • Restructuring plans and cost optimization
  • Business plans

We are providing answers to key questions:

  • In which direction should the company be developed and what to consider while deciding on strategy?
  • What is the mission and vision of my company? What measures to apply to monitor strategy implementation?
  • How to organize the company make it work most effectively? What policies and rules of conduct are best for us?
  • How to improve internal processes to strengthen competitive advantages? Which are the most crutial? How to do this?



Scope of main services:

  • Post-merger integration
  • Project management and organizational change management

We are providing answers to key questions:

  • How to secure business continuity with the need to change processes, tools and organization?
  • How to transform employees into active co-authors  of implemented optimization solutions?



Scope of main services :

  • MBO – Management by Objectives
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting financial results
  • Management reporting
  • Cost models and cost allocation
  • Purchasing procedures

We are providing answers to key questions:

  • How to translate the strategy onto tactical and operational levels?
  • How to provide on time credible and reliable data for decision making processes?
  • How to assure effective utilisation of company assets?



Scope of main services:

  • Margin optimization (increase)
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales processes effectiveness increase
  • Distribution channels management
  • Brand management
  • Customer segmentation

We are providing answers to key questions:

  • How to reach the customer with the offered products / services?
  • How to take advantage of market conditions to maximize the return on the funds involved?
  • How to differentiate the offer and service levels in relation to different types of customer?
  • What is the desired image of your company / product, service, and how to shape it?
  • How to  effectively organize and monitor the activities and expenditures related to marketing and sales?





In consulting projects, acting on behalf of and in the interest of our clients, we prepare and provide recommendations and guidelines regarding optimal solutions applicable to given situation or the action plans, which we believe will best feature customer’s needs and expectations.



In the course of workshops and trainings, depending on customer requirements: (a) we are helping the company employees or the management team to elaborate their own solutions best suited for their organizations. By this approach we can support the team with knowledge sharing and we are responsible for the efficiency of team efforts; (b) we are giving the knowledge and experience to the customer team to use it to achieve the company or team goals.



In exceptional situations caused by random events or temporary difficulties in acquiring employees with missing competence we delegate experienced and competent consultants to carry out tasks and operational activities. In many cases that cooperation takes form of a shadow management. As a result, daily observation of consultants behavior is followed by knowledge transfer to the customer’s organization and practical competence is supplemented.






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